Unforgettable Sessions

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny…
C.S. Lewis


Going through hard times can bring up many emotions, most of which we experience on a day-to-day basis but now on a more intimate level.  Anger, frustration, sadness and pain can all be felt in varying degrees. Most of our day-to-day emotions are able to stay on the surface and soon disappear but when tragedy and trials come our way, our emotions dig themselves a little deeper and can be engrained in our every thought and action. During those times some of us turn inward to find the answers to our ever-growing questions and some of us turn to others for the help that we need. Either way…we are hoping to find peace and solace. There are countless things that can bring smiles to our faces in the midst of darkness; things that can give us the peace that we long for. Things such as a book, a smile, a hug, a prayer. I also think one of those things can be a photo. There is something about looking at a photo of a loved one that helps us remember the good times; the happy times…. times we don’t want to forget.

Last October I watched my family members suffer through an incredibly painful experience as they watched their mother fight a battle with cancer that she ultimately lost. Although the conversation was difficult, I reached out to them and offered to take some pictures of them together as a family before my aunt became bedridden. The thought had crossed their minds as well and they had already reached out to another friend to do a session. I was so delighted that they took the time to get together and take photos with their beautiful mother. I just know that those photos will be something that they will cherish until the end of time, passing them down from generation to generation as the parents teach their children of a selfless grandmother/mother who fought so hard and loved even more.  

I have also been very lucky to work on a few projects showcasing beautiful women by different standards. These women are showcased not for their physical beauty but for the beauty that they show to others through their words and actions. These women have gone through trials and tribulations that have scarred them but left them stronger then they were before. These women serve those around them and always put others before themselves. These women are women that don’t like the limelight because they don’t believe they “deserve” it when in reality, they deserve it more than most. These women are dignified, meek and humble. These women are the true definition of beauty. 

At Jacki M Photography, I am excited to start offering sessions titled “Unforgettable Sessions.” Please! Contact me if you know someone that deserves a free session because they have experienced or are experiencing trials and hardships that need to be documented. Don’t let them go through hard times alone. Let’s show them that the world still cares about them, that we still care! Also, if you know someone that lives by the real definition of beauty and believe they deserve a session, let me know.  Be sure to email me with your nomination and a short story of why this person deserves an Unforgettable Session. I am open to any nominations regardless of age and gender. Bring on the stories and nominations of the beautiful and strong people around you. Thank you for stopping by Jacki M Photography and I hope to hear from you soon.