The Ocon Wedding – Bountiful, UT Wedding

September 23, 2016

The Ocon Wedding – Bountiful, UT Wedding



So, I got a voice mail from Mavis. She is a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner that I work with in the NICU at McKay Dee. She’s never called me before so naturally that moment when she said, “This is Mavis…” I immediately thought, “CRAP! What did I do wrong at work that she would be calling me at home? It must be bad.” Isn’t it crazy how you can have a million thoughts pass through your mind within a matter of seconds? Believe me, I was coming up with some doosies between the introduction and the reason for her call. I was completely and utterly relieved that she just needed me to photograph her daughter’s wedding and I was super excited! I’ve known and worked with Mavis for over 4 years now. I have always felt at home working up in the NICU and was really excited to meet some of the people most important to Mavis.

I got Hannah’s information from her mom and we were making plans to meet until I realized that she lived a little ways from me. We decided to just speak on the phone and talk about the details and give me a chance to get to know her a little better. She described a very intimate, simple but beautiful wedding and I was even more excited to see and meet these wonderful people.

The wedding was perfect! The decorations were stunning and you could tell it took the family quite a bit of time and thought to put it all together. They had it all. A flowy backdrop, a streamer-like ceiling, a popcorn bar with multiple flavored popcorn, sandwiches for those of us that were a little hungrier and the most darling, matching niece and nephew outfits. I’m not kidding…they were so cute! I love how close Hannah is with her nieces and nephews. She will be a spectacular mother when the day comes. I just know it! Congrats Hannah and Boyd! Thank you for trusting me with your special day. Good luck to both of you over the next few months. Enjoy every minute!










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