Schlicht Family – Weber County, UT Family Pictures

September 30, 2016

Schlicht Family – Weber County, UT Family Pictures



Just from the picture above you can tell right away how fun this extended family session was. I don’t do extended family sessions a ton but I could never say “no” to this family. See, I took their extended family pictures years ago. I was just starting out in my photography journey and Holly reached out to me. Holly and I have a mutual friend and that’s where she got my name and information. We did that cute family session at the most darling barn and then this year they reached out to me again. I was super nervous to let Holly know about the changes to my business. Since our last session… I had significantly upgraded my equipment and raised my prices. I was so excited that they decided to book with me and we were able to pull it all together. There are 3 sisters in this family with their darling kids and their sweet parents. They were all so easy-going and light-hearted which made the evening so enjoyable. I laughed the whole time. We were able to get some great shots of the entire family as well as the individual families and they’re cute kiddos. The color scheme and the environment worked perfectly together. We were able to get everything done within their 60-90 minute session which was perfect because poor Holly and her family were getting back on the road to drive all the way home to WASHINGTON. Holy smokes! What a drive. We ended the session with the imperative passing out of the Hi-Chew candies. (P.s. I am in no way telling you not to buy those delicious candies but holy crap! there are sooooo many calories in one of those tiny things. They’re still so good and my kids ask me for them all the time.) Haha! Whoops! Until next time cute Schlicht family.


IMG_2488 Pace1 IMG_2583Pace2 IMG_2742Pace3IMG_2867Pace4IMG_3025Pace5IMG_3301

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