Merry Christmas from the Marchants

December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas from the Marchants

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Around the holidays, I can’t help but think about what has come to pass in the last year. We all do that, don’t we? We think of the last 360ish days and think, “was it a good year or a bad year? Was it a hard year or an easy year? Did we accomplish what we wanted to this year or did we fall short?” A lot of us go through those questions in our minds and reflect upon our growth or whether we were a little stagnant. Looking back at 2016…I’m grateful. It was a hard year for me personally. I started out the year losing a baby at 15 weeks which was completely different trial that I had to endure. I learned A LOT about myself, about my husband and about my relationship with the Lord. I had never NEEDED the Lord as much as I did at that point. I have a lot of unanswered questions and look forward to getting those answers when I pass from this earth to the other side.

I continued my 2016 journey by having foot surgery and 2 months later having surgery on my nose. During those recovery times…my husband really pulled through for me and took care of me the best he knew how. (Which was better than I thought it would be, haha).

We started the summer by finding out that we were, again, expecting a child. Lots of emotions plagued me and still do as I continue to grow with this little one in hopes for a happy, healthy baby come February. It’s been a process but we’re getting through it a day at a time.

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We had an eventful summer filled with lots of laughs and tears, pools and slippy slides, trampolines and bikes and much more.

Our little guy Gibson has blossomed this year. For awhile we (meaning my pediatrician) was worried about his speech. He wasn’t talking much and their was a lot of discussion about speech therapists and what we could do to further him along. I wasn’t necessarily worried…I figured it would come when he was ready and I was right. He talks as much as any other 3 year old and luckily, for me, I can understand 95% of what he says. This is such a fun time for me as a mom. Because of the slight language barrier between himself and others…I feel like he and I have this bond that nobody else has, I can understand him while others struggle, and if I’m being honest, I love that! He constantly tells me, “my lub you berry mos awe day.” It breaks my heart every time.

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My sweet Meah started Kindergarten this school year and has loved every minute. She is learning her sight words like a champ and starting to get the hang of sounds and reading too. She is a my sweet little spit-fire. She can be so agreeable at times and have so much sass and attitude minutes later. She keeps us on our toes and we have loved every minute getting to know her and EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT SHE EVER HAS. Haha!! (She is a talker ladies and gentlemen. If you ever need anyone for a long road trip to keep you awake…you can borrow her).

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Cannon entered 2nd grade and has done AMAZING. His ability to read has surpassed anything I thought possible. You see, Cannon is my most rambunctious child. He doesn’t ever seem to sit still, unless he’s really enthralled by a movie but other than that…he has more energy than I EVER know what to do with. He has a bit of an attitude (like most 7 year olds) and he has a bit of a temper especially when he’s told “no!” I wasn’t sure how he was going to do in school because of these things but he has, above and beyond, surprised me with how well he has done. He is a very smart kid and enjoys every minute he has playing with his buddies around the neighborhood.

Scott continues to work at Western Ag Credit in SLC. We don’t talk much about the details of his work because, quite frankly, I doubt I’d really understand much even if he did. I do know that he’s good at his job and works very hard. He always amazes me at how much he can do around the house. He’s a plumber, he’s a contractor, he’s an electrician… he can do ANYTHING. It may involve a little You Tube but he gets it done EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. He’s our rock and is such a good daddy!

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My little family is the most important thing to me. All the other stuff doesn’t matter in comparison. I love them with all of me and hope and pray that we continue to have years ahead of us that push us to grow. Being stagnant is not an option if we want to return to our Father in Heaven. We all go through hard times whether we’re 3 or 83. If we can really look at our lives and learn from them…then we are on the right track. I imagine 2017 will bring great times and not so great times and I look forward to each one! Merry Christmas all you lovely people!

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