Kendall Family Pics – Green Barn Garden Pictures

October 28, 2016

Kendall Family Pics – Green Barn Garden Pictures



One of my favorite people told me that her mother-in-law wanted pictures done of the entire family. I was so happy that they chose me to capture those memories for them. I’ve been telling Breanna for months that I was going to get a family picture, INCLUDING her, if it killed me. Doing this session did just that and she and her family looked incredible.

There were a total of 4 families and Grandma and Grandpa at the helm. They have 7 beautiful grandchildren and each one was so well behaved. I didn’t hear very many parental threats at all, haha. The only thing that I noticed were some very stout faces coming from the babies but I tried not to take it personally. 🙂 We did this wonderful session at the Green Barn Gardens in Marriott-Slaterville. It was the perfect backdrop. Who doesn’t love a barn and to top it off…it’s green! I love that place because of how unique it is. Most barns, of course, are red but this one is a beautiful dark green and each person was ON POINT with their outfits which can be super tricky with extended family sessions. The contrast between the colors of the clothing and that beautiful barn were Pinterest palette worthy. Everyone looked stunning and it was so fun for me to see Breanna with her husbands family.

I realize, so often, that there are so many photographers in Utah. Some with more experience, some with less, some more expensive, some not-so-much, some with different styles, some similar to mine. I realize that YOU don’t have to choose me…there are plenty of photographers to choose from. I truly am so grateful to all of my clients for choosing me and giving me the opportunity to spend time with you and your loved ones. It’s always a pure joy for me. So, thank you Kendall family. Each and everyone of you are fantastic!

IMG_9186 IMG_9200 IMG_9231 IMG_9233 IMG_9269 IMG_9272 IMG_9279 IMG_9285-2 IMG_9292 IMG_9322 IMG_9351 IMG_9411 IMG_9490 IMG_9538 IMG_9600 IMG_9606 IMG_9615 IMG_9634 IMG_9636 IMG_9677 IMG_9724 IMG_9727 IMG_9810-2 IMG_9817 IMG_9855 IMG_9870 IMG_9812 IMG_9582

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