Elder Belliston – Bountiful LDS Temple Mission Pictures

October 8, 2016

Elder Belliston – Bountiful LDS Temple Mission Pictures


My dear friend’s son is going on a mission and it was so nice to see her again and also meet Ethan the night of his pictures. I hesitate telling this story but it deserves to be told. Belinda and Ethan were so sweet the night of his session when they didn’t have to be. I felt terrible because I totally screwed up!

We originally had his session scheduled for a Tuesday night. I reached out to Belinda to make sure we were still on for our session. She said “Yes!” I was so excited. I had everything arranged so I could be at the temple, kid free and ready to go. I’m sitting on a bench at the beautiful Ogden LDS Temple when I get a phone call from Belinda. She said, “I walked around the temple everywhere and don’t see you. I’m afraid we’re at different temples.” I was absolutely MORTIFIED. She wanted to have the photographs taken at the Bountiful Temple and I did not see that ever-important word, “Bountiful.” I assumed (which is a terrible habit to get into) that they wanted the Ogden temple. The light was disappearing fast and I knew I wasn’t going to make it in time to even get 30 minutes of shoot time. I was so embarrassed and told them that I would accommodate them however I could if they found a different date that would work for them. I was so glad that the very next night worked for them and I made it to the correct temple. I was nervous that we might get rained out but the Lord was on our side and it was a beautiful session with stunning skies to boot. Thanks again Belinda and Ethan for being so understanding and so sweet when I probably didn’t deserve it. Ethan I’m excited for your new adventures in Florida and wish you the best on your mission.

IMG_8878 IMG_8882 IMG_8902 IMG_8909 IMG_8923 IMG_8935 IMG_8951 IMG_8972 IMG_8995-2 IMG_9031 IMG_9073 IMG_9101 IMG_9112 IMG_9171 IMG_9172

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