Did I seriously just do that?

December 2, 2016

Did I seriously just do that?

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It’s time for a personal post…mostly because I have to make sure that I’m not the only CRAZY momma. So, as we all know, Christmas is approaching and VERY quickly I might add. I don’t know about you other mothers/fathers but I usually start shopping for gifts in June or July. Maybe it’s the OCD part of me or the type A personality that screams “PREPARATION” but I like doing it that way because:

A: I don’t freak out at the end of the year when we drop 100’s of dollars all at once because let’s be honest, that is super stressful!

B: I usually end up with a lot more items by Christmas time because I literally forget what I buy, haha. This is great for my children but not so great for me because then I feel like I have to “up my game” the next year but still, it’s fun watching the kids open up WAY too many gifts.

C: I feel like I have a lot more options to choose from when it comes to gifts because I’ve been able to take my time to look around.

D: If I’m being honest with myself…it makes me feel like I’m a little better than the others that wait until the last minute to shop. Like I can hold my head up a little higher so when someone says, “Are you ready for Christmas?” I can reply with an astounding “YEAH BABY!!! I was ready months ago.” IN YO FACE!! Am I right?

Well, with that said. I totally, completely and utterly FAILED this year! That’s right. I just barely, literally, bought the first set of gifts for my children and because I’m panicking…do you want to know what I bought? Have you guys seen those really silly (but truthfully pretty cute, I kinda want one myself) doggy piggy banks on Facebook? You put the coin in the dish and the dog excitedly “licks” the bowl. So cute right? But I’m sorry, you want how much for the piggy bank? $21.00!!! You are out of your mind if you think I’m going to pay that….but awe! they’re pretty cute and the kids would love them. Shoot!! 15 minutes later they’re bought and of course I can’t just get one or two because kids will cry if they don’t get one, right? So, you got it! I bought 3 of those stupid things. Who pays over $60 for silly piggy banks that likely will get lost or broken within a week? You can’t see me but I’m sheepishly raising my hand. Gah! This is why I start so early because now the panicking has begun which in turn translates to irrational and simply stupid gifts. Haha! Well, tis the season and I’m super grateful to spend it with my kiddos and sweet husband but man oh man, I’m going to do better next year. Maybe some of you guys could remind me come June….?? 😉

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