Corynn’s Senior Pics – Beus Pond, Ogden

January 16, 2017

Corynn’s Senior Pics – Beus Pond, Ogden



It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this beautiful girl so I was a little bit surprised when she reached out to me to do her senior pictures. More surprising than her message though was that she was even a SENIOR. I couldn’t believe it! I remember Corynn as a little tike along with her little brother and sister. She is a daughter of an old friend so I was so happy to see her again and see how beautiful she has become and the woman she has grown up to be.


I remember when we were messaging each other, prior to her session, that she had mentioned a “we” when she spoke of coming down the day of the session. I told her if “we” meant a friend was coming that we could take some pictures of the 2 of them because who doesn’t love a picture or two with their best friend. She then asked if she could bring a goat. I immediately laughed out loud and said, “of course.” Now, I have to be honest with you and tell you that I thought she was kidding but lo and behold the day of her session…she brought her goat! I was seriously surprised and was still thinking she was going to bust out her favorite stuffed goat but just then, a happy little puffy goat jumped out of the car. I’ve done plenty of sessions with dogs, some with horses even but never a goat. It was so fun and so cute to see the relationship she had with Annie the goat. We took a few pictures with Annie and then focused our attention on the bright and beautiful senior. Corynn was a trooper. The snow was pretty packed on the trails but of course, the best places were off the beaten path which meant hiking in the snow. It was a bit frigid and with the snow up to our calfs… it was quite the adventure.

IMG_1678-2 IMG_1691

I’m excited to see where this young woman ends up. She has a good head on her shoulders and will take this life by the horns, I just know it!

IMG_1707 IMG_1831 IMG_1880 IMG_1892 IMG_1934 IMG_1984-2 IMG_2076 IMG_2103

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